BoxBilling installation

This setup will guide you through installation process of BoxBilling.

Check if your system meets minimum requirements to install and run billing software.

Database configuration

BoxBilling stores data in SQL database. You should already have an existing database before this step. If you do not have database prepared, you should do that now.

Installer will create all required tables in your database after correct connection details are provided.

How to create database?

Depending on your hosting provider database can be created in different ways.

Best way is to check the documentation available with your webhosting account. You can contact their support if you really get stuck.

Administrator account

This is the main user account to control all aspects of BoxBilling.

Email will be used to login to admin area.

Make sure password is strong.

BoxBilling license key

Get license key at

License key is stored in bb-config.php file and it can be changed later

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Well done!

Thank you for choosing BoxBilling

Client area Admin area
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Operating system Linux
PHP version 5.6.40
PHP Safe mode OFF
PHP Extension: pdo_mysql Ok
PHP Extension: curl Ok
PHP Extension: zlib Ok
PHP Extension: gettext Ok
PHP Extension: mcrypt Fail Contact your server administrator to enable PHP mcrypt extension
/home/domainhyperco/public_html/box/bb-config.php Yes
/home/domainhyperco/public_html/box/bb-data/cache Yes
/home/domainhyperco/public_html/box/bb-data/log Yes
/home/domainhyperco/public_html/box/bb-data/uploads Yes
I agree

Congratulations! BoxBilling was successfully installed.

Even though BoxBilling was installed successfully you must take a few more actions.

Remove installation module

Remove installation module for security reasons.


Change configuration file permissions

Change configuration file permissions to read-only (CHMOD 644)


Setup cron job

Setup this cron job to run every five minutes

*/5 * * * * php /home/domainhyperco/public_html/box/bb-cron.php

Disable directory listing with .htaccess

Disable directory listing with .htaccess

Rename file htaccess.txt to .htaccess